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'Suddenly ... I'm Running a Project'
For those of us who've unexpectedly found ourselves responsible for a project and need some support!

Workshop information

Most of us have found ourselves in this position – we have suddenly found that we are responsible for a defined piece of work that to all intents and purposes is a project – for example, a new product launch, leading an important piece of delivery for a client, or creating the company’s stand at a trade show.  But it has just been dumped on our desk.  We don’t have a project structure around it, and we have our day job to do as well.  Formal project methodologies might be usable, but more likely we are encouraged to “just get on with it”.  So this workshop looks at how we can do just that – in the context of lightweight project management techniques that we can use in the background but which will significantly improve the prospects for success.

We will look the common tasks of running these less formal projects, how to tackle them, and how to balance the need for controlling the project effectively with not overburdening yourself, or others, with unwelcome bureaucracy.  We want you to be able to use what you learn immediately on return to your workplace.

During the workshop we will run some group exercises, based on simulation of realistic situations of smaller, less formal, projects.

‘Take aways’ at the end of the workshop will be a simple project management book, and a USB memory stick with tailorable templates in Microsoft Word.

Working with your ‘sponsor’ or client

Understanding and agreeing scope and objectives

Estimating and building a good plan

Practical working approaches

Monitoring and controlling work – your own and other people’s

Handling risks and issues

Controlling ‘scope creep’

This is aimed at people running less formal projects, who are not project managers by background.  Friendly and interactive in its approach, much of the day will be spent in exercises based around real world situations.

In house preferred?

We can deliver this course on your premises, saving your delegates travel and subsistence costs and disruption

Everyone I have talked to today have been saying only good things about the course. Many thanks again for your great instruction.
A recent delegate