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Project Thinking
An innovative half-day workshop looking at the more behavioural issues of running projects

Workshop information

In the 21st Century, the only constant is constant change.  And that means many more projects are being run, in many more types of organisation than used to be the case.

This innovative workshop moves away from the more mechanical aspects of a project management methodology and looks at the behavioural issues and how these can be approached by staff encountering projects for the first time.

To provide you with understanding of how projects are different from “business as usual” and to give you confidence to be able to work on a project alongside your other responsibilities.

This workshop has been designed with the needs of non-traditional project environments in mind – for example, academic institutions,  3rd Sector Organisations, professional services firms, healthcare organisations – so that staff who have to pick up a project alongside their normal (but very different) every day work can tackle the issues that arise.

What do we mean by a project anyway?  And why are they important?

Preparing for a new project

Creating our own space around the project, and aligning that with our every day work

Practical project working strategies

Time management in relation to projects

Working with others

Applying project thinking in practice

If you haven’t previously been exposed to projects, this is an excellent introduction to the different ways of thinking needed, and will provide a good structure for working on a project alongside your normal job.

In house preferred?

We can deliver this course on your premises, saving your delegates travel and subsistence costs and disruption

Liked the fact there were so many group activities and not just people constantly talking at us. Made me feel welcome and comfortable enough to talk in front of everyone – someone even said I appeared so confident talking and sharing my ideas. The 2 professionals were interesting and engaging. It was good to see people listening to one another and showing respect.
A recent delegate