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New Project Board? Getting Started
A half or one day workshop for a newly formed Project Board, to help you get up and running quickly and effectively

Workshop information

When a new project board is established, some members may have previous project experience, others may not. As a group, they need to understand their role and establish their way of working. They need to decide their relationship with key project roles, especially the project manager, and they need to understand their own responsibility and accountability as members of the Board.

To provide structure and guidance to a newly formed project board on their role, responsibilities and ways of working so that the board can operate efficiently and effectively, making a positive contribution to project success.

This workshop is run in-house, and will be tailored to suit your own particular needs.  For example, if you will be using PRINCE2, the workshop will cover the specific approach of a Project Board in that environment.  If you have an in-house project management methodology, we will tailor the workshop to reflect that.

This allows the newly formed project board to work through these key issues as a group, providing a sound foundation for their role in directing and leading the work of the project. This workshop recognises the specific needs of more senior managers and is designed to offer a flexible approach, allowing debate and exploration of the topics being covered, rather than a didactic style.

If you wish, the workshop could be scheduled in the morning of a day when you have your first meeting as a project board in the afternoon, and our facilitator will sit in on that meeting, and give feedback and suggestions at the end.

Content will be tailored to suit your own particular circumstances, but typically will cover subjects such as:

  • What is the project board for?
  • Defining and evidencing project success
  • Authority, accountability, decision making and delegation
  • Relationship with the project manager
  • The project life cycle, and key decision points
  • Keeping the project under control
  • Handling issues and risks
  • Planning benefits realisation

This is intended primarily to support a project board immediately after their appointment (and ideally just before their first formal project board meeting).

If you have been appointed to chair a new project board, or if you are the project manager of a newly established project, this is aimed squarely at you and your colleagues.

In house to suit your specific needs

We only run this workshop as an in house offering, focusing it specifically on the needs of your project board

The exercises given for the teams to do in the session was very useful; help us put certain scenarios into context – brilliant!
A recent delegate on an informal workshop