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Bids and Proposals - the Project Management Aspects
Demonstrate a convincing approach to how you will project manage the work when you are preparing a proposal

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When you are pitching for work a key challenge is to provide confidence to the prospective client that you can deliver what you promise – no client wants to have constant delays, put-offs, requests for extensions, and poor quality outcomes.

The “Project Management” section of your proposal is your opportunity to demonstrate a convincing approach to managing the project and to give reassurance that you are indeed professional and focused on successful delivery.  This workshop looks at what you need to cover in this section, how to present it, how to evidence it … and how to back it up with reality!

To provide you with a structured approach to developing the project management section of a proposal that will carry conviction to your prospective client that you can actually deliver what you are offering.

During the workshop we look at the subject of project management through the eyes of a client evaluating a proposal.  Their interest will be in having confidence that your internal project arrangements are reliable, so we look at the things that will matter most from the client perspective.

Through the day we will use a simulation of a project management section of a proposal, critiquing each element in turn.  A “take away” from the workshop will be tailorable templates and check lists that you can adapt and use in your own proposals.

Understanding what the client really wants

Project objectives and critical success factors

Good project start up – scope, exclusions, testing assumptions, acceptance criteria

Roles, responsibilities, and escalation processes

Importance of sound estimating

Arrangements for monitoring, control and progress reporting

Dealing with risks and issues

Dealing with the unexpected

Handling the end of the project

You are likely to be responsible for preparing or signing off proposals, bids and tenders.  Your company may be an SME and typical work you do for clients is project based, such as office relocations, hardware installation, software development and testing, conference or event management, etc.  Your clients could come from any sector, but they are likely to carry out formal evaluation of competing proposals from different possible providers. You might particularly be an SME pitching for Government contracts or into Defence as these can be heavily focused on project management.

In house preferred?

We can deliver this course on your premises, saving your delegates travel and subsistence costs and disruption

The Bids and Proposals –The Project Management Section course exceeded expectations, providing insightful and topical material in a truly structured manner. The content, skills and techniques learnt can be effortlessly transferred to my day-to-day role. I would highly recommend the combined content, presenter and delivery of the course.
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