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Benefits Management – Ensuring Value from Projects and Change Initiatives
A one day workshop focusing on ensuring that value is achieved from the investment in a project

Workshop information

Change initiatives and projects only take place in order that some improvement can be achieved (better, faster, cheaper, etc.). But too often, the focus is the initiative or project itself, with the desired benefits being left to take care of themselves. In most cases, however, achieving benefits will need specific, and sustained, management action.

This workshop focuses on creating the necessary structure and processes so that benefits are managed actively, with a clear focus on realising the benefits required to satisfy the organisation’s needs.

Benefits management is often regarded as a fairly nebulous topic.  This workshop aims to make it more understandable and more structured, so that you can apply sound benefits management on your own project or change initiative immediately on completion.

A core of the day will be a specially written simulation of a realistic change initiative, where delegates can explore the issues of benefits management in a highly practical way.

Alignment of benefits to corporate objectives, and the importance of benefits management

Creating a sound structure for benefits management

Types of benefits and their challenges

The 4-step process for benefits management

How to identify and define benefits

Planning the management and realisation of benefits

Benefits cards and their use

Monitoring and reporting benefits

Issues with supporting data and how to handle them

Reviewing benefits and the process

Benefits and stakeholders

If you are:

A senior manager responsible for one or several change initiatives and projects, wanting to explore how to keep both the corporate and the team focused on ensuring the benefits are achieved

Or a manager responsible for commissioning change initiatives and projects, wanting to get a solid understanding of a successful benefits management approach and toolset.

Or a project manager wanting to embed benefits management into your project or change initiative

This course is for you.

In house preferred?

We can deliver this course on your premises, saving your delegates travel and subsistence costs and disruption

It was an intense course but the time was managed very effectively. The trainer had excellent knowledge, explained things well and used good practical examples to explain things.
A recent delegate