Training and workshops

We offer bespoke training solutions as well as a range of specific workshops that can be run either onsite (in house) or open (public).

We focus on delivering highly practical preparation for groups and individuals.  We want those receiving the training to take what they learn straight back into their working environment, using it to increase successful delivery of projects.  Workshops are kept to a manageable length to limit time away from the desk.  We concentrate on providing approaches, tools and techniques that can be readily used in a wide variety of situations, without needing extensive tailoring.

Our approach

Having spent plenty of time over the years sitting on the receiving end of training ourselves, we  have strong views on what training should be!  We want delegates on our training to:

  • feel comfortable (both personally and physically)
  • be engaged with the training (that it is done with them and for them, not “to” them)
  • feel that it is relevant (to their individual work circumstances)
  • recognise it as practical (so that they can immediately see how to use what they learn)
  • enjoy it.

We use a mixture of training approaches including presented material, facilitated group discussion, individual and group exercises, and case studies.  We support the training with clear, practical, handouts that become a reference resource after the training is over.  And we will always be happy for individual delegates to call or email the trainer after the event with any follow up queries, or questions about practical application.

Simulation exercises

Increasingly, we are basing our workshops and training around a core of practical simulation of realistic project situations.  This approach, where delegates actually do what they would have to do in practice, is a powerful learning tool, of particular benefit in providing practical skills for taking back into the workplace.