Consultancy and mentoring

We work on discrete areas in direct support of your projects or project management arrangements.  A sample of the specific areas where we can provide consultancy support is listed in the services area.

Consultancy typically covers supporting organisations in one of 3 areas:

  • Helping organisations analyse situations, and identify and make choices
  • Planning and preparing for change resulting from the choices
  • Delivering the change.

In many cases organisations can do the majority of this themselves, but either need a specific skill at a specific point (for example, facilitating discussions about options, or creation of a business case) or need extra resource for a period of time to support busy staff through parts of the change process.

We can help throughout the process that runs from the initial identification of a need through to the delivery of change.

Our approach

We want you to be completely satisfied with the consultancy and mentoring we offer.  We work hard, therefore, to:

  • fully understand your objectives and requirements
  • be clear about what we are offering
  • be clear and up front about our pricing, offering you a single fixed price fee for the work
  • be clear about how we will do the work
  • be open in our communication with you throughout an assignment
  • meet and exceed your expectations through the quality of our work

At the outset, therefore, we will make sure we understand why the work is to be done.  We will develop a clear set of proposals for the work, fully setting out the scope and objectives, and how we plan to meet these.  We will detail the approach to be used, the programme of work and the resources needed (both ours and any client resources that may also be involved).  We will describe a cost and payment schedule, on a fixed fee basis, with payments linked wherever possible to specific, measurable, deliverables.

Either as part of the proposal, or at the beginning of the assignment itself, we will draft and agree with you an assignment brief that concisely states the background and reasons for the work; its scope, objectives and desired outcomes; a plan for delivery; how it will be monitored; progress reports that will be needed; and a clear statement of critical success factors.

Throughout the assignment we will communicate clearly and openly with you using both formal and informal means.  We will raise issues and concerns as they arise, with our proposed response to these.

At the end of the assignment we will review progress and achievement with you, testing each aspect against the agreed success statement, and making sure that you are fully happy with the work that we have done.