What is PRINCE2®

PRINCE2 is a method for managing projects.  It is widely used throughout the world and is a de facto standard both for managing projects and as a qualification for project managers.

PRINCE was originally developed by the UK Government in the 1980s as a way to protect the public funded investment in large IT projects – it was extended to become PRINCE2 in 1996.  PRINCE2 is generic.  It can be used on any type of project, in any environment.

It is used as a standard around the world, for example by governments, by NATO and the United Nations, and by both international and domestic companies.  It is used in over 150 different countries and 19 different languages.  Over a million exams have been taken globally, and in a recent survey more than 65% of UK Project Managers were qualified in PRINCE2.

It is as successful for very small projects as for very large ones, because it is designed with a strong core of best practice, but with the flexibility to tailor it to the circumstances of every individual project.

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What is the value?

Put bluntly – your projects are less likely to fail if you use PRINCE2.  PRINCE2 provides a combination of straightforward processes, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and a well tested approach to key management aspects of a project (such as risk, change, and quality). These, taken together, give a soundly based structure to underpin the project and its management.

Qeons and PRINCE2 training

There is a structure of qualifications for those using PRINCE2.  Courses for these qualifications can only be delivered through an Accredited Training Organisation – Qeons is fully accredited for the most widespread qualifications, the Foundation and the Practitioner.  We deliver the training for these qualifications as a five-day course.

Unlike many training organisations – who tend to focus on “exam cramming” – our approach is based on developing an understanding of how to apply PRINCE2 in practice.  At the heart of our course is a two-day simulation of a realistic project, which delegates carry out in small groups with close support from the course tutor, meaning they will have personal experience of every aspect of PRINCE2 before taking the exams and before applying it on a real project.

We run a schedule of public PRINCE2 courses in various parts of the country (click here for the current course schedule) and we can also run it as an in-house course on your own premises.

Applying PRINCE2 in your organisation

Besides the formal training mentioned above, we can support you in adopting and using PRINCE2 in your own organisation, whether through development of tailored aspects of PRINCE2, mentoring of your staff using PRINCE2 on their projects, or development of workshops or self-development programmes for staff involved in projects.

Our “New Project Board” workshop (click here for details) is particularly suitable for project boards starting off a project using PRINCE2, and can help concentrate staff on the value of the method to your business.