Why Your Career Could Benefit from a prince2® Qualification

What is PRINCE2®*?

PRINCE2® (which stands for Projects in Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management. It is the industry standard method for project management and is used extensively in the public and private sectors both in the UK and internationally.

The PRINCE2® Method

PRINCE2® provides a clear framework for running successful projects from conception to closure. A key benefit of PRINCE2® is that its principles are flexible and can be adapted to apply to all types of projects regardless of size, complexity or industry. PRINCE2® provides guidance on various stages of a project through its seven principles, themes and processes.

The PRINCE2® principles provide that:

(i) there must be a viable and continuing business justification for the project;

(ii) it is essential to draw on both successes and mistakes from previous projects;

(iii) the appropriate people must be involved in the project and their responsibilities should be clearly defined;

(iv) a project should be broken down into manageable stages, with each one being appropriately planned, monitored and controlled;

(v) tolerances should be established as “envelopes of flexibility” in order to set limits of delegated authority;

(vi) the project’s focus should be on its deliverables and on ensuring they meet the set requirements and are fit for purpose; and

(vii) PRINCE2® can (and should) be adapted to suit each project’s individual needs.

The PRINCE2® themes:

(i) identify the benefits and value the project will bring to the business;

(ii) establish the structure of project team and of individual responsibilities and accountabilities;

(iii) establish quality requirements and detail how they will be delivered and measured;

(iv) create plans relating to how, when and where the project will be delivered at the appropriate stages in the project lifecycle;

(v) identify and analyse risks to the project and how these will be managed;

(vi) consider how the project team will respond to and control unforeseen issues or change requests; and

(vii) monitor and control project achievements and failures.

The principles and themes are used to inform the PRINCE2® processes. These outline the activities the project should follow from starting and initiating a project through controlling progress, managing its delivery and finally to closing the project.

Can PRINCE2® benefit you?

The internationally recognised PRINCE2® qualification can increase your employment prospects by equipping you with the skills and attributes you require to be an effective project manager, such as organising and managing projects and ensuring that they are delivered within deadlines and budgets. As a registered PRINCE2® practitioner, you will be recognised as being versed in managing all aspects of a project lifecycle. For many employers (including the UK civil service), it is an essential prerequisite for a project management job (whether as an employee or as a contractor) and, therefore, it is a vital qualification to list on your CV.

*PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited

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