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Our Vision –

We want to be the natural name to think of when managers are seeking consultancy and training for running smaller projects, working with a range of organisations from the public and private sectors, of varying sizes, throughout the UK.

Our Values –

Honest, open & ethical

Relaxed and Friendly

Completely professional

Personal Service

Excellent value for money

Interested and Inquiring

Enjoyable work

Increased success of smaller projects


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Welcome to Qeons

We are a small, ambitious company keen to grow and keen to do so by helping you achieve your own ambitions successfully.  We can help with many aspects of project management, but particularly specialise in the distinctive needs of smaller projects.  We do this by providing training and consultancy in this specialist field.  We bring many years experience of programme and project management, of change management, and of training and development to support our clients.

As a company we have a clear vision and strong values.  We are ethical and professional, and want to work with you to help you achieve more successful projects, time after time.

The services we offer include support for specific aspects of a project (such as initial definition, or creating a plan for realising benefits), creating and implementing a ‘corporate’ methodology for projects, advising on effective project governance, and a range of highly focused workshops aimed at improving the capability of your staff in a highly cost effective way.